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Japanese Soccer Player Keisuke Honda Launches His Own Cryptocurrency To Boost Fan Engagement

Keisuke Honda, the former Japanese midfielder and currently a captain of the Brazilian professional league team Botafogo, has launched his own cryptocurrency “KSK Honda Coin” to boost fan engagement.

It has been reported that the KSK Honda token was launched on October 22 (Thursday) through, a blockchain platform for creating video streaming and gaming applications.

However, the new coin is intended to enable fans to interact with Honda.

I have been said Honda is crazy by many people since I was child. I actually made a lot of failures but I believe that's why I made some dreams come true as well. — KeisukeHonda(本田圭佑) (@kskgroup2017) October 23, 2020

The report said that holders of KSK Honda token will be able to get exclusive content from Honda as well as interact with the player through private channels on Discord.

Honda said:

“We decided to create a social token to build new connections with our most loyal fans.”

He also said that the new token will allow him to connect with fans in a more open manner, providing 100% transparency in knowing who holds coins in the fan community.

Thus, the global soccer community is moving deeper into the crypto and blockchain industry in search of new ways of connecting stars with their fans.

Source: Cointelegraph



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