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Jaymart Group Launches Thailand Blockchain Working Group

Jaymart Group, a holding company in Thailand partners with blockchain experts in order to establish the Thailand Blockchain Working Group (TBWG).

The partnership aims to strengthen Thailand’s blockchain ecosystem by conducting hackathons, workshops, and activities centered around blockchain.

Driving Blockchain Adoption

The initiative is to drive the adoption of blockchain technology. The chief executive of J Ventures, Thanawat Lertwattanarak said, TBWG will gather developers and IT experts in the country to invest in various blockchain projects. J ventures is a subsidiary of the Jaymart Group.

“Thailand Blockchain Working Group is aimed at helping IT and blockchain developers in the country to grow and sustainably drive organizations forward,” Thanawat said. He added:

“More companies are using blockchain for a wide range of purposes, from data storage to ensuring the security of their operations. Thus, this gathering of alliances will help the public and private sector as well as consumers better understand the technology and promote the growth of the IT blockchain industry in Thailand and in the ASEAN region.”

Jaymart Group stated that the alliances included in the TBWG in the group include:

According to Jaymart Group, the alliances forming TBWG include:

  1. Enterprise IT advisory and developer I AM Consulting

  2. IT solutions provider Dome Cloud

  3. Blockchain platform developer Atomic Pay

  4. Cryptocurrency exchange Satang.

TBWG will embark on the four areas of development:

  1. Technology Event, organizing events to exchange knowledge about blockchain and distributed ledger technology;

  2. Developer Network, serving as a network of application developers;

  3. Education & Training, working with educational institutes to provide training;

  4. Hackathon, organizing hackathons to develop the blockchain ecosystem.

Thailand Embraces Blockchain Technology

On Oct. 12. cryptonewspoint reported that SE Digital has been confirmed as the first initial coin offerings (ICO) portal operator to be approved by Thailand’s securities regulator. SE Digital plans to launch Thailand’s first investment token, with a target transaction size of 2-3 billion baht or roughly $65,800,000-$98,700,000.

Thailand’s Ministry of Finance is implementing blockchain in the government’s administrative processes for better efficiency to serve its citizens. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on Sept 27. on adopting blockchain technology between Krung Thai Bank and the agencies under the Thailand Ministry of Finance.

Moreover, Thailand’s custom agency is fusing with IBM Maersk’sTradelens, a blockchain logistics company in order to keep track of its shipping ports. The merger is expected for an establishment of a well-organized tracking and information sharing.


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