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John McAfee’s Ghost Distributed Exchange Is Now Live

John McAfee’s Ghost distributed exchange is now live as announced by McAfee himself on Twitter.

The GHOST Distributed exchange is now live: — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) June 21, 2020

The Ghost distributed exchange is related to McAfee’s privacy project- Ghost, a Proof of Stake privacy coin intended for anonymous transactions.

McAfee also clarified that Ghost will replace the McAfeeDEX distributed exchange.

The Ghost mainnet is expected to go live on June 22.

Ghost has been the subject of debate especially after McAfee himself admitted Ghost “copy-pasted” parts of its white paper from PIVX.

Morover, he seemed poised to sue PIVX, an open-sourced protocol for defamation.

PIVX is also planning to use a zk-SNARKs-based privacy protocol created by privacy coin Zcash (ZEC). It will launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

McAfee said:

“PIVX is attempting to claim that their source code is Public Domain, but that the description of how it all works (The White Paper) is not.”

McAfee adds:

“Claiming a product is open source while witholding the documention is fraud. Pure and simple. I will soon demonstrate that in the courts.”

PIVX, however said that it cannot be sued because it is not a legal entity and no one person has ownership of its development. 

McAfee has been living “in exile” since 2019 due to alleged tax-reporting charges.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pexels



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