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Kickflow Announces The Launch Of Quadratic Funding Platform

Developed based on the Capital-constrained Quadratic Finance model; Kickflow along with its governance token will enable startups in the Tezos ecosystem to crowdfund and receive grants through mathematically optimal algorithms

Kickflow, an alumni of the prestigious Tezos India Fellowship Program, launches its first-ever decentralized, open-source crowdfunding and grants platform. Utilising the concepts of Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (CLR) and Quadratic Funding, the platform, along with its governance token, will allow projects to seek funds matched through the mathematically proven algorithm. Commonly used for Public Goods Funding, the algorithm matches community-backed projects to optimal sponsor grants amounts, based on the square of the sum of the square roots of the contributions, received during a stipulated period of time. In turn, this incentive structure pushes power to the edges and away from whales and central power brokers increasing democracy.

Kickflow aims to develop an open-source and community-controlled crowdfunding DAO platform that would help other projects in the Tezos ecosystem grow and also bring attention to the newer projects which often fall under the radar. Kickflow already boasts a collection of young innovative projects and sponsors that are live on the platform, kickstarting the initiative. It also aims to transform itself into a full-fledged support platform for open-source projects on Tezos and provide advanced services like money-streaming-based grants. It has on its roadmap the plans to develop a freelance bounties platform, a really helpful testnet token faucet for projects.

According to Crunchbase, global venture funding for 2020 closed out at $300 billion (up 4% year on year), primarily due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, and the resulting shift of major sectors online. Global blockchain technology has seen and will continue to see steady growth, with the industry being valued at $3 billion USD at the end of 2020. Kickflow will enable targeted growth to community-backed projects, reducing barriers to entry and decentralized crowdfunding on Tezos. Kickflow’s mechanism uses the concept of match-funding to give proportional power and funding to the public and the corporations involved. It offers a social spin on an otherwise money-centric decision-making framework.

Kickflow can also conduct completely on-chain funding rounds. managed by a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). This allows all executive decisions to be made via a token voting system utilizing Kickflow’s native tokens, KFL on Tezos.

Katherine Ng, Head of Marketing, TZ APAC, said:

"We are delighted to welcome a much-needed platform on our blockchain to continue our Tezos vision of empowering the blockchain ecosystem globally. Kickflow has brought forth a solution that will not only enable our platform to help innovators and startups, but also ensure simultaneous social development. With the mechanisms of Liberal Radicalism and Quadratic Funding at hand, we wish to give the start to many overlooked but potential projects in need. We plan to decentralise our future and by giving this power to the public through Kickflow and its native governance token, we are one step ahead."

Om Malviya, President, Tezos India, said:

"I am personally looking forward to the launch of Kickflow. The project emerged as an idea from TIF (Tezos India Fellowship), and we are glad to have become a part of their journey. From the initial idea to helping them meet their co-founders, to building a fully-fledged product on Tezos. I believe Kickflow will bring a new way of crowdfunding to Tezos, helping hundreds and thousands of projects to source funding and grants for their efforts. That will result in a thriving developer community on Tezos."

Anshu Jalan, Co-founder, Kickflow, said:

"We are glad to launch our highly anticipated Kickflow on the Tezos Ecosystem. The self-amending nature of the Tezos platform along with its ever-growing community of bakers on the self-upgradable, decentralised, and growing Tezos platform made it the ideal platform to kickstart the Kickflow journey. There are a large number of projects that are quickly building up on Tezos and we realize that it is about time we have an open-source crowdfunding platform to give these young projects a kickstart. While we are starting out as a platform for Tezos specific projects to get funded, we aim to extend our protocol to include public goods in general, where open-source products and community causes could also raise funds. Tezos and Kickflow have the same foresight regarding the future of the blockchain space and thus, this whole process has been a seamless experience. With Kickflow, we aim to create a great product for the Tezos ecosystem that would help grow as many projects as possible through community contributions."

With the help of TZ APAC, Kickflow has had a jumpstart into the funding world and will continue to revolutionize it through its KFL governance token and its self-upgrading and self-evolving protocols.

If you are interested in funding exciting projects in development or are seeking funding for your own project, on Tezos, visit


About Tezos:

Tezos is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. By design, Tezos embraces long-term upgradability, open participation, collaboration, and smart contract safety. To learn more, visit

About TZ APAC:

TZ APAC is a leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem. It designs value-added blockchain transformation strategies for enterprises and creators with a bottom-up approach, working closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem. TZ APAC is supported by the Tezos Foundation and headquartered in Singapore.

About Kickflow:

Kickflow is open-source, decentralized crowdfunding and grants platform built on the foundations of Quadratic Funding and Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (CLR) matching. Besides being a general crowdfunding platform, Kickflow conducts periodic match funding rounds where entries receive an optimal share of the sponsor-funded pool, based on the community contributions that they receive in the same period. Kickflow has made a crowdfunding protocol that is community-driven. This is made possible through DAO-based management, where all upgrades to the on-chain system must be voted upon by the governance token holders.

For more information, please visit:

Media Contact:

Susan Joseph

Head of PR, Lumos Labs | 9900029191



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