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Koinos Launches Its Mainnet To Deliver Access To Developers In Web3

Koinos, the layer-1 decentralized blockchain, has launched its mainnet on November 5. It will be a free-to-use platform based on a proof-of-burn (PoB) consensus algorithm, built to deliver more efficiency and access to developers in Web3.

It has been reported that the company said that the platform, formed by a group of blockchain veterans behind the Steem blockchain and, was built without venture capital funds, initial coin offerings, pre-mine, or any other early distribution of tokens to insiders.

Andrew Levine, the co-founder and CEO of Koinos Group, said:

“It’s free-to-use, it can support any programming language (starting with C++ and TypeScript), and it is highly upgradeable. All of this means that developers can use the programming languages they already know and love to build free-to-use DApps without being bottlenecked by the poor upgradeability characteristic of most blockchains, exemplified by the issues with Ethereum and its never-ending ‘Eth 2.0’ delays.”

However, the chosen consensus algorithm refers to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of peer-to-peer electronic cash, one where everyone could participate. With proof-of-burn, there is no advantage to having a large stake or tons of hardware to mine. This should mean more competition between small and large miners.

Levine said:

“While proof-of-burn keeps the core consensus mechanism of proof-of-work, it rewards users based on how much KOIN they have burned (literally destroyed) instead of rewarding them based on hashing power or how many tokens they hold. [...] Since it is not based on how many tokens you hold but rather on how many tokens you have sacrificed, there is no need for complicated slashing conditions that make proof-of-stake chains less efficient.”

The report said that Koinos’ co-founders said they decided to build a blockchain from scratch without external capital in order to keep the project attached to the core principles in the crypto space. For the ecosystem’s foundation, the platform prioritized being as “free, open, and decentralized as possible.”

Thus, the group said:

“We believe that these products will make Koinos Group equity very attractive and give investors an opportunity to share in the upside of an exponentially growing ecosystem while mitigating against many of the negatives that traditionally face investors in the space, like volatility.”

Source: Cointelegraph


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