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Korea Institute of Halal Industry To Adopt Blockchain-Based Halal Platform Worldwide

Korea Institute of Halal Industry (KIHI), an organization that aims to promote and conduct research and testing on Halal products, has recently entered into an agreement with Malaysia’s Serunai Commerce to adopt a blockchain-enabled Halal platform that traces Halal products worldwide.

According to Salaam Gateway, Dr. James Noh, the Director-General of Korea Institute of Halal Industry, revealed that the institute will be promoting the new technology to manufacturers and encouraging them to access the blockchain-enabled platform in order to trace Halal products along the supply chain.

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Dr. Noh said:

“KIHI expects to provide the Korean Halal industry with opportunities to trade Halal products and ingredients with global Halal traders through Serunai’s platform.” Dr. James Noh

However, the Global Halal Data Pool, one of the tools in the system, will let Halal producers connect with buyers in almost 50 countries.

Meanwhile, the Verify Halal app will allow consumers to instantly check a product’s Halal status.

One of the reasons behind the initiative was to promote more exports of Halal products from South Korea. As the Halal industry in Korea has grown with the establishment of Sejoong Shipping, the first Halal logistics service provider, the company has also received a Halal stamp from a certification body in Korea and will be using the new blockchain platform to trace its products.

In the meantime, the Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI) has introduced a testing laboratory to detect porcine DNA from food samples.

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Thus, Dr. Noh stated:

“These two developments have been very potent for the infrastructure of the Korean Halal industry.” Dr. James Noh

He added:

“Based on these, and there being more awareness of Halal certification, we are seeing rapid growth of the Halal industry in Korea.” Dr. James Noh

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