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KPMG To Examine New Business Models In The Metaverse

Reports said that KPMG, one of the “big four” companies in the consulting and auditing business, has appointed a new head of metaverse futures. The new position, to be occupied by Alyse Sue, will be dedicated to the implementation of technologies such as metaverse and crypto to find fresh business models for the company, as other big four companies are already doing.

It has been reported that the metaverse is gaining the attention of many large institutions, currently researching the future of this tech to offer services based upon it.

However, the new position will be occupied by Alyse Sue, who has a background in software engineering, and has already been involved in the founding of two Web3-related startups: Transhuman Coin and Futrdao. Sue will be in charge of developing this new area in the company, surveying the ideas and needs that customers have regarding the metaverse.

Sue said:

“Businesses are looking for subject matter expertise to guide them in terms of how they can use the metaverse to discover new use cases or new revenue drivers for their business and how they can engage new target markets.”

The report said that while Sue is the first head of metaverse futures, the company already an idea of the tasks this new division will explore. According to James Mabbott, head of KPMG’s futures, the company has been getting an “ever-increasing number of inquiries” when it comes to customers and the use of metaverse and Web3 technologies, so it expects new business models to arise from these interactions.

KPMG is optimistic about the future of metaverse tech and about the amount of revenue it might achieve by offering these services in the future.

Thus, she concluded:

“My objective is to build a multi-million-dollar business for KPMG by 2025. What that exact figure means is yet to be discovered, but we are looking to build a sustainable business by that time frame.”

Source: Bitcoin News



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