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Ledger Hires Apple Music Alum As Vice President For NFTs

It can be seen that NFTs aren’t far away from mainstream adoption. Parker Todd Brooks, Apple Music Veteran has left the company to join Ledger, which gives out cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

As per an announcement on April 2, Brooks will take charge of Ledger’s nonfungible token division. The company will extend its support for managing, displaying, along with the storage, and security of NFT pieces.

Working with Apple Music for the last seven years, Brooks happened to launch Apple Music and music radio station Beats 1, where Beats Music was acquired by Apple in 2014 thereafter. Before Beats Music, he worked at Topsin Media.

In his new position as Ledger’s vice president of NFTs, Brooks will be given the onus to connect the platform with the artistic community thereby playing an integral role in managing the NFT products. Ledger further added the role of Brooks where he has to make sure that NFTs are “given priority across Ledger’s software and hardware platforms.”

Ledger’s chief experience officer Ian Rogers said:

You can already store your NFTs on your Ledger. And with the rising popularity of NFTs, we have an increasing demand from people to improve the NFT experience in Ledger Live.

Brooks happened to express that the firm will be working upon creating “useful yet simple and beautiful products.” He added:

I’ve spent my career serving the artist community. And with NFTs, there is an opportunity to reimagine how art and music are created, sampled, and managed while simultaneously addressing the security issues in storing NFTs on internet-connected devices.

On the lifespan of NFTs, Rogers added:

As we are living more and more of our lives at a distance, living off of Postmates, Netflix, Zoom, and Amazon Prime, is it any wonder we are turning into digital collectors? NFTs tap into innate human traits: collecting, patronage, and sharing.


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