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Ledger Launches A Brand New Wallet Specializing In NFTs

Reports said that Ledger, a major supplier of hardware wallets designed for secure storage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), is launching a brand new wallet specializing in nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

It has been reported that the new product, called Ledger Nano S Plus, is the next generation to the original Nano iteration released in 2016, and is designed with NFT collectors' needs in mind.

Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer, said that the new Ledger Nano S Plus is the sixth hardware wallet produced by Ledger since the company introduced its first wallet HW1 back in 2015.

However, the Nano S Plus combined with the recent support of “clear signing” technology through Ledger Live aims to provide a safer user experience for Web3 customers. While the new Ledger wallet natively supports the secure management of NFT transactions, some previous iterations of Ledger wallets have also supported NFTs.

Rogers noted:

“Ledger Nano users have always been able to store NFTs on their devices through partners, on the Ledger Nano X, and now Ledger’s software application Ledger Live prioritizes NFT support where users can view their NFTs in Ledger Live and securely transact through clear signing.”

The report said that clear signing technology aims to provide all the details of a transaction, removing the risk of "blind signing," or consenting to a potentially risky transaction.

Likewise, Ledger chief technology officer Charles Guillemet had previously warned users about the risks of blind signing blockchain transactions in the aftermath of a major phishing attack targeting the world’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea in February.

The latest news comes shortly after Ledger released a limited edition of the Ledger Nano S Plus in early March, dropping 10,000 devices for pre-order at $79 each. Launched in 2014, Ledger is one of the world’s largest providers of hardware cryptocurrency wallets, which are physical devices designed to store a user’s private keys.

Thus, the company has sold over 4.5 million wallets and launched six different wallets so far, including HW1, Unplugged, Blue, Nano S, Nano X, and Nano S Plus. The company has stopped producing the first three iterations so far.

Source: Cointelegraph




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