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Ledger Stax Hardware Wallet NFT Bundle Is Now Available For Purchase

Reports said that the exclusive Ledger Stax hardware wallet nonfungible token (NFT) bundle is now available for purchase, with the public mint went LIVE at on December 14.

It has been reported that the bundle includes a Ledger Stax Vaulted NFT and the art on Ledger Stax Mint Pass NFT. Both are redeemable for various utilities. Furthermore, the public mint will be open for a total of 72 hours. First announced during Ledger Op3n earlier this month, Ledger Stax is the latest hardware wallet from the leading NFT security company, Ledger.

However, Ledger Stax is a customisable hardware wallet with an interactive touchscreen, developed in collaboration with iPad creator, Tony Fadell. It uses e-ink technology to view the name of each wallet along its spine. When on standby, users can customize the display image to feature their favourite NFT.

The report said that Stax’s curved touchscreen makes it easier to trade, view and purchase NFTs. Ledger hopes the new exciting features will help onboard more people into the Web3 world. Notably, Ledger’s new hardware wallet release comes with a limited edition NFT bundle pack. Firstly, this includes the Ledger Stax Vaulted NFT. Holders can redeem this for a Ledger Stax and a free protective case for the wallet.

Thus, to clarify, shipping will start by the end of March 2023. Next, the pack includes the Art on Ledger Stax Mint Pass NFT. Users can use this to mint a random artwork from the “Art on Ledger Stax Collection” at [ L ] Market next March.

Source: NFT Evening



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