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LG Partners With PIXELYNX And Oorbit To Enter Metaverse

LG has partnered with PIXELYNX and Oorbit to enter into the Metaverse with plans to produce immersive experiences for LG customers around the world.

It has been reported that the initiative will pair the musical expertise of Deadmau5’s PIXELYNX project with the infrastructure that Oorbit provides. What’s more, NFTs will be interoperable. This will allow LG customers to take their virtual identity throughout many digital worlds.

However, the partnership with PIXLYNX is the creative side of the deal, where Co-Founders Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin will put on virtual concerts for fans. These concerts will be accessible to LG customers internationally. PIXLYNX is backed by Animoca Brands, creator of The Sandbox. As such, fans can expect high-quality events time and again. Additionally, this marks an important development in the world of NFT Music.

The report said that the Oorbit side of the partnership is important, as well. That’s because Oorbit is providing the technological glue powering the virtual concerts. The platform is interoperable, meaning fans can take their NFTs from one world to another. This is a major utility that will allow brands to reinvent their NFT rewards strategy. For example, an Easter Egg in one world can serve as a concert ticket in another.

Likewise, players will be able to have one virtual identity that stays with them throughout the different worlds.

The LG Metaverse Partnership between PIXELYNX and Oorbit is an important step in the progression of Web3 towards mass adoption.

Thus, as LG plans to push immersive content to its customer base, more consumers will interact with and own NFTs. In many ways, this is a development to watch. It could be the sign of a whole new wave of Web3 netizens.

Source: NFT Evening




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