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LGO Partners With B2C2 To Develop LGO Into Europe’s Premiere Institutional Crypto Exchange

LGO, the leading European Bitcoin trading platform, partners with B2C2, the leading cryptocurrency liquidity provider, to develop LGO into Europe’s premier institutional cryptocurrency exchange.

It has been reported that B2C2 will also acquire a stake in LGO’s equity and token, as the partnership will allow LGO’s clients to access B2C2’s deep pools of liquidity.

However, B2C2 offers exposure to large-cap cryptocurrencies and gold, with flexible trade size and settlement. As trusted by brokerages, exchanges, banks and fund managers to provide 24/7 liquidity, the firm has been a major market maker on the biggest crypto exchanges since 2015.

It has been analyzed that the company’s global footprint spans exchanges and OTC markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Hugo Renaudin, the CEO and Co-Founder of LGO Group, said:

“From the outset, our mission with LGO has been to create the go-to digital asset spot trading venue, offering the sophisticated trading experience that financial market institutions have come to expect.”

He added:

“We have developed a proprietary technology that offers clients the ability to trade using an innovative price discovery model. Our partnership with B2C2 allows us to offer clients the liquidity they need.”

Likewise, Max Boonen, the Founder and CEO of B2C2, said:

“Much like the evolution of the FX markets, exchange flows will be pulled towards a handful of liquid venues and we believe that LGO’s matching technology can help it become a key contender.”

Thus, LGO and B2C2 are planning to roll out new products and services during 2020, to include OTC execution, digital asset financing, and stablecoin trading.

Source and Image: Medium



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