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Microsoft Azure Partners With Enjin To Offer Crypto Collectible Rewards

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s blockchain-enabled cloud platform, announced the “Azure Heroes” blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFT) aimed at rewarding its developer community. That’s the idea behind a new incentives scheme launched by Microsoft in partnership with Enjin, a blockchain gaming project.

Posted withrepost • @GoCryptoCrunch @GoCryptoCrunch – Microsoft Partners With Enjin to Launch Azure Heroes. . . Blockchain gaming project Enjin can now boast a high-profile partnership with Microsoft Azure. The cloud… — Kevin Stewart (@kevinmcstewart) December 5, 2019

On December 4, it has been announced by Microsoft that the tokens represent cartoonish badgers (a play on the word “badge”) and aim to compensate positive behavior in Azure’s community. Each badger has a limited supply ranging from just 100 units to 10,000.

The firm said:

“Azure Heroes aims to reward individuals for verifiable acts of impact such as coaching, creating demos, building sample code, blogging about Azure or completing certain challenges. Community members that have demonstrated their contributions will be recognized with badges across a number of categories.”

However, Azure Heroes rewards Azure community members for positive actions, such as coaching, making demos, providing sample code, making posts about Azure or completing challenges​.

It has been analyzed that Enjin will be minted each season and the limited quantities will be publicly verifiable and distributed through a QR code that prompts the receiver to install a wallet.

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According to Microsoft:

“Microsoft and Enjin have collaborated in a local pilot to create a blockchain-based recognition program. The Azure Heroes badgers were created in a number of original and unique designs which have been tokenized into a digital asset on the Ethereum public blockchain.”

Thus, Microsoft said that some of the NFTs, which will be issued in “seasons,” will be tougher to win than others.

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