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Mint Valley Drives The Amalgamation of Art, Culture, And Conservation With Blockchain Technology

Mint Valley, a Metaverse platform for creating personalised digital interactions powered by MOI – worlds first context aware P2P layer 1 protocol, has partnered with BENNFT, a 3D NFT project, as the official minting partner to usher in a new era of blockchain use cases art and culture. Their unique perspective includes a fresh take on NFTs and their use in promoting wildlife conservation, local artisans and craftsmen, art, dance, food, and cinema along with increasing awareness around digital assets and blockchain technology.

In a step towards achieving their goal of seamless web3 adoption, Mint Valley and BENNFT have joined ‘The Prelude to the Greatest Migration’ project by Elephant Family USA and TREC. This event is a collaboration between indigenous craft/artisans; conservationists and environmental art. Presented by BENNFT, Mint Valley has been the official minting partner for this project aimed at showcasing the artworks based on real wild elephants documented as part of the Gudalur Elephant Monitoring project, conducted by The Shola Trust in partnership with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. This project was showcased at the Ajio Luxe Weekend in Mumbai amongst global luxury brands Panerai, BMW, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BVLGARI, and more. ‘The Prelude to the Greatest Migration’ added another layer of luxury and impact to the event by highlighting the importance of blockchain and digital assets in elephant conservation. The attendees further got the chance to enjoy futuristic ‘Proof of Charity’ tokens as a personalized souvenir.

Additionally, the project was also showcased at the India Art Fair, a leading international art fair in New Delhi which provides a platform for contemporary and modern art from India and the South Asian region.

“Mint Valley, powered by MOI (My Own Internet), has been focused on building a secure and sustainable ecosystem for the users and allowing them to access all features of the web3 sector in a seamless manner. Through our recent forays into diverse spaces such as cultural events, animal conservation, craftsmanship, food, cinema, etc, we aim to showcase the applicability and potential of web3 technology in enhancing the overall experience through attendance tokens or ‘Proof of Charity’ tokens, thus, making it more personalized and unique.”

With these initiatives, Mint Valley and BENNFT have broken the barriers between web2 and web3 through culture, art, and class. beyond corporate structures. By incorporating technology into events of cultural significance and social importance, Mint Valley and BENNFT have proven the real world pertinence of digital assets and web3 technology, beyond corporate structures.


About Mint Valley:

Powered by MOI, Mint Valley is a personalized ecosystem for artists, creators, technologists to create, list, sell, and share digital assets. A holistic NFT platform, Mint Valley allows users to create, customize, and sell NFTs with no transaction fees, easy wallet access, and a simple and fast user experience.

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BenNFT is a 3D NFT project by globally recognized professional boxer Conor Benn. Giving back to Conor's fans, BenNFT grants holders exclusive access to his career, and allows them to build a legacy alongside The Destroyer himself. It is a collection of 5,555 NFTs that utilises blockchain technology to give the users unmatched opportunities and benefits including Fight Tickets, Press Conference Access, Meet & Greets, Live Training Sessions, Signed Memorabilia, 1-on-1 Calls, Virtual Hangouts, and Behind-The-Scenes access to Conor’s life.

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About My Own Internet (MOI):

MOI, the primary offering of Sarva Labs, is a decentralized global web3 network that supports humanized interactions on the internet enabling true P2P value transfers and personalized digital interactions. MOI is built using Interaction State Machine (ISM), a revolutionary new context aware computational model created by Sarva Labs for the web3 world. Using the ISM technology, MOI delivers a simple, secure, and sustainable web3 experience for users by enabling a single web3 network capable of hosting millions of nodes to support billions of transactions with complete user privacy, ownership and control. With a practical and equitable governance model, the value generation in MOI is democratic, while offering flexibility to support the regulatory norms of respective environments.

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Media Contacts:

Susan Joseph

Head of PR, Lumos Labs | 9900029191

Alina Ahmed

PR Associate, Lumos Labs | 8826380775



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