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MintGreen To Partner With Lonsdale Energy Corporation To Supply Heat In British Columbia

A Canada-based cleantech cryptocurrency miner MintGreen will be partnering with the Lonsdale Energy Corporation to supply heat to residents of North Vancouver in British Columbia starting in 2022.

It has been reported that MintGreen said its “digital boilers,” which it claims can recover more than 96% of the electricity used for Bitcoin (BTC) mining, will prevent 20,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per megawatt from entering the atmosphere during its arrangement with North Vancouver.

However, the recovered energy will be used to heat 100 residential and commercial buildings in the Canadian city with a population of around 155,000.

Colin Sullivan, the CEO of MintGreen, said that the partnership was aimed at tackling issues related to climate change.

The report said that according to a December 2020 report from the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, building operations and their construction accounted for around 38% of carbon dioxide emissions in urban areas.

Likewise, crypto users battling the cold during the winter season have often turned to mining rigs to supply heat. MintGreen has already partnered with the Vancouver Island Sea Salt facility and the Canadian whiskey company Shelter Point Distillery to sell off its heat waste generated from BTC mining to power parts of their operations.

MintGreen said that it plans to begin the initiative in 2022, likely before the beginning of another harsh Canadian winter.

Thus, the lowest recorded temperature for North Vancouver is around -20° C.

Source: Cointelegraph


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