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Moneyfellows Raises $31M Of Its Series B Funding Round

Reports said that Moneyfellows, an Egyptian fintech startup specializing in digitizing money circles, recently announced the close of its Series B funding round that raised $31 million.

It has been reported that the funds will be used to finance Moneyfellows’ expansion into other markets as well as accelerate the fintech’s growth. Also, participating in the round were the startup’s existing investors like Partech, Sawari Ventures, 4DX Ventures, and P1 Ventures.

However, according to a Disrupt Africa report, Moneyfellows, a mobile platform-based that specializes in digitizing Egypt’s savings and credit associations, plans to use the capital raised to fund the startup’s expansion into new markets. There are plans to use the recently raised capital to hasten Moneyfellows’ growth and the diversification of its portfolio, the report added.

Ahmed Wadi, the founder and CEO of Moneyfellows, said:

“We are proud to share with our stakeholders and our users the progress and growth which led MoneyFellows to become one of the market-leading fintechs in Egypt, facilitating financial inclusion and digital transformation in the country.”

Thus, for her part, Hangwi Muambadzi, a partner at Commerz Ventures, commended the Moneyfellows team and expressed her organization’s excitement at partnering with a startup said to be committed to delivering “a transformative solution that will continue to enable millions to achieve their financial goals.”

Source: Bitcoin News


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