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Morningside School Of Music Accepts Cryptocurrencies For Music Lessons

A music school becomes one of the recent entrants in adopting cryptocurrencies, making it seemingly approachable for several other educational institutions. Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh has started accepting cryptocurrencies for tuition fee payments.

It seems Edinburgh’s music school, Morningside School of Music anticipated the future of this disruptive technology, as they believed that cryptocurrencies would eventually become the norm. The decision was also taken in response to continuous requests from students.

The school’s director, Linda Boyd said:

Some larger companies across the world are already doing this, so it’s just a matter of time before smaller businesses like ours start doing the same. It’s just about giving our customers another way of paying and making life easier for them.

We are the first music school in Scotland to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. #motivation #investment #binaryoptions #btc #cryptocurrency #trading #business #entrepreneur #crypto #blockchain #trader #ethereum #invest #investor #lifestyle #forex #investing #Finance — Morningside School of Music (@M_sideSchoolMus) March 28, 2021

The students, who happen to work in the fintech industry proposed the school to add the new service. So, allowing the pupils to pay using cryptocurrencies would not seem difficult as they are already experienced and happen to have a discern idea of the payment process.

Ms Boyd further added:

Edinburgh’s got a big fintech industry and many of our pupils work or study in that sector, so for them, this is a perfectly natural way to pay.

However, the school has been already utilizing the digital asset way before this new addition. They have been buying the commodities for school in Bitcoin(BTC), which means the administration has already got to experience the benefits of utilizing this disruptive financial technology as Ms. Boyd said:

We sometimes use things like Bitcoin to pay for goods for the school, so we know how fast and easy it is and want our music students to be able to do the same.

We are in the @ScottishSun newspaper today 🙂#Bitcoin #BTC #CryptoNews #cryptocurrencies #Crypto #CryptocurrencyNews #scotland #Edinburgh #musiclessons #morningsideschoolofmusic — Morningside School of Music (@M_sideSchoolMus) March 31, 2021

Linda Boyd expressed that cryptocurrencies are soon going to be a norm for all the services in the coming time. She said:

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and will eventually become a routine way for people to pay for services of all descriptions.



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