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NCR Corporation Announces An Agreement To Buy LibertyX

NCR Corporation, the enterprise technology provider, has announced an agreement to buy LibertyX, the company that launched one of the first retail Bitcoin ATMs.

It has been reported that NCR said it expected to purchase LibertyX later this year depending on regulatory licensing consents and approvals. The firm said that it planned to offer LibertyX’s capabilities as part of its solutions for banks, retailers, and restaurants, implying NCR clients could see crypto withdrawals, purchasing, and payment features after the deal is finalized.

Tim Vanderham, the Chief Technology Officer of NCR Corporation, said:

“Our customers require a complete digital currency solution, including the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency, conduct cross-border remittance and accept digital currency payments across digital and physical channels.”

Likewise, LibertyX has allowed users to make purchases with crypto at a variety of retailers in the United States using its mobile app or through its network of Bitcoin ATMs.

The firm said that it currently services 20,000 retail stores in the United States with 9,500 crypto ATMs. According to data from CoinATMRadar, there are more than 24,481 crypto ATMs in the world as of August 2, with the market experiencing exponential growth in 2021.

Thus, Bitcoin Depot, one of the largest holders of the Bitcoin ATM network, recently announced a partnership with convenience store Circle K, resulting in the installation of more than 700 Bitcoin ATMs in the US and Canada.

Source: Cointelegraph




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