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NEO Bangalore Gas Station, part of Neo APAC Global Hackathon!

Neo, an advanced open source, community-driven blockchain platform, announced the hosting of Neo APAC Hackathon in partnership with OKX. The event will have a total prize pool of $120,000, and a $1 million grant will be offered from the Neo Foundation after the hackathon. The grant is intended to promote the growth of blockchain in line with recent positive regulatory developments in the APAC region.

All those who are interested in Web3 technology, as well as experts in various Web3 categories, including Neo N3 and EVM, would like you to join us. Hackathon will be held from July to October 2023, with a combination of online sessions and real events in six major cities in APAC such as Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangalore, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong. It will be opened. The final event and the winner announcement ceremony will be held in Hong Kong.

Bangalore GAS Station:

"Bangalore GAS Station" was held in Bangalore on August 26 and 27 as part of Neo APAC Hackathon. This event was realised with the support of major players in the industry such as StackOS, Web3ForAll, and Quill Audits, as well as AWS. At the Bangalore GAS Station event, more than 110 participants joined, 40 projects submitted and 32 projects were deployed on the Internet. Also we had meaningful dialogues held with various Speakers.

Panel discussion at Bangalore GAS Station:

At the Bangalore GAS Station event, Two panel discussions were held with guest speakers from prominent organisations. The theme of the first discussion was about ‘EXPLORING UNRESOLVED TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES IN WEB3’ and the second discussion was about ‘BUILDING A WEB3 BUSINESS IN THE CURRENT MARKET ENVIRONMENT’.

A brief introduction to the Winner's:

NeoPay - Winner of the Neo Excellence Award - $5,000

NeoCast - Winner of the Neo Excellence Award - $5,000

Kooka - Winner of the AWS Choice Award - $5,000

Wise Wallet - Winner of the AWS Choice Award - $5,000

Web3 Voting Machine - Winner of the Quill Audits Choice Award - $2,500

Omniport - Winner of the Quill Audits Choice Award - $2,500

Neo APAC Hackathon Future Agenda

The Neo APAC Hackathon is still in progress, and online proposals are accepted from July 22 to September 24, 2023.


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