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New Balance to use Cardano Blockchain for Product Authentication

New Balance, the popular American footwear company to use Cardano blockchain to authenticate its products.

On Sept 28, according to a report by Crypto Briefing, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano blockchain announced that the American footwear company, New Balance will use Cardano Blockchain so that its users could authenticate the product.

New Balance and Cardano are to implement the program globally. Although, the ADA token would not be used in the current plan.

The announcement was made during Cardano’s second-anniversary event that took place at the Cardano Summit in Bulgaria’s second-largest city, Plovdiv.

Blockchain and global supply chain

Most of the companies have started using blockchain technology in their supply chains.

Walmart has used blockchain technology to implement food traceability based on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

Public enterprise blockchain platform VeChain in August has partnered with Penfolds, an Australian winemaker company to ‘release a case of blockchain-encrypted wine bottles for sale, as part of its Wine Traceability Platform initiative.’

During March, Carrefour has introduced blockchain technology for tracing milk, reported ‘to guarantee clients complete product traceability across the entire supply chain — from farmers’ fields to the store shelves.’


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