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New Comic Book NFT Collection Meet Blockchain Bandicoot Dropped On Ethereum

Blockchain Bandicoot, a new comic book nonfungible token (NFT) collection has dropped on the Ethereum network.

It has been reported that the Blockchain Bandicoot NFT project is a 5000 piece strong collection. The project plans to release a comic, a motion comic and even a fully-fledged anime series too.

However, they plan to release by 2024. The first chapter of the comic is already available now via its official website. Blockchain Bandicoot will drop its NFTs on December 26.

The report said that in the presale, a mint will cost 0.1 ETH. During the public mint, each NFT will cost 0.2ETH. The only way in is to follow the comic-book NFT project on its social media channels.

Likewise, each Bandicoot NFT has an “element symbol” in its top left hand corner. If you collect the right set of element NFTs, you could win $10k USD in ETH. This incredible monthly competition will run for 36 months straight. There are plenty of opportunities to become the next winner.

Blockchain Bandicoot will give away $1,000,000 USD in prizes over its course. To get a slice of that, all you need to do is: Buy an NFT, take part in the monthly element challenges, receive your items as rewards and keep on top of your real world gifts.

Thus, Blockchain Bandicoot items are also NFTs. The supporting collection of 5000 NFTs will drop on the Polygon network. These items unlock new and exciting experiences and prizes. NFT minters are set to receive these items via airdrops in phase 3 of its roadmap, when the collection sells out.

Source: NFT Evening



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