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NFT Investments Sets Up To Float In London

NFT Investments, an investment firm announced that it is set to go public in London, as it has applied its shares to trading on Aquis Stock Exchange Growth Market (AQSE) in London, UK, hence making itself an integral part of the NFT hype. The firm has been established by the co-founders of Argo Blockchain, which currently has a market cap of $1bn. With its listing in the exchange, the firm ‘is expected to value NFT Investments at approximately 25 million pounds'($34.4 million).

Jonathan Bixby, Executive Chairman of NFT Investments, said:

I am incredibly excited to be leading the world’s first pure play NFT vehicle to list on a public market. Just like when our team brought Argo Blockchain to the London market, we have a vision of creating an on ramp from fiat into this exciting new space. Our team of blockchain and creative experts is truly world-class and we look forward to creating value for our shareholders in this exciting and growing space. We truly believe that NFTs will form the backbone of the digital collectables markets and owning the best individual assets and underlying rights can create immense value for our shareholders.

The company however claims to be the “first-ever investment company focused exclusively on investing in non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) to launch on a stock market in a major jurisdiction worldwide.” The Company plans to raise approximately 10 million pounds($13.7 million) with its listing on the exchange.

On NFTs being a special asset and a boon for the creators, the announcement further details:

An NFT is a special, one-of-a-kind crypto asset that enables collectors to authenticate, own and trade original authenticated versions of unique digital goods on the blockchain. NFTs open an entire world of digital collecting and democratize the process by allowing the creators of digital tokens, typically an artist, digital creator or celebrity, to receive a crypto payment each time their work is traded. As well as being scarce and unique, NFTs provide a transparent chain of custody between the creator and the holder of the token adding a level of protection to collectible assets.

Even after all the hype around NFTs there remains a caveat from the mainstream media, that NFTs are nothing but a bubble waiting to burst, being a game of amusement for the celebrated individuals.

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