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NFT Steez Talks About How Universal Profiles Onboards And Empowers With Digital Self-Sovereignty

Reports said that NFT Steez chats with Lukso co-founder Marjorie Hernandez about how Universal Profiles onboards and empowers users with digital self-sovereignty.

It has been reported that sovereign identity has been a hot topic in blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially with the rise of the creator economy. Currently, there are two types of digital identities.

However, the first is federated and centralized, whereby data is in the control of the service provider, while the second is self-sovereign digital identity. The later is often cited as a human right that can reclaim agency using blockchain technology.

The report said that on this episode of NFT Steez, co-hosts Ray Salmond and Alyssa Exposito meet with Marjorie Hernandez, the co-founder of Lukso and The Dematerialized, to discuss the state of blockchain-based identities and “Universal Profiles.” According to Hernandez, “everything will have a digital identity” in the future.

Likewise, during the interview, Hernandez explained the paradigm shift between centralized platforms to a more “platformless future” and stressed that users need to be in control of their identities and creation on more “agnostic platforms” where they can own their intellectual property via Universal Profiles.

Lukso’s integration of Universal Profiles enables users and creators to reclaim their identities and issue their intellectual property in a symbiotic manner between creator and user.

Thus, according to Hernandez, the Universal Profile can be seen as a personal operating system whereby one can authenticate themselves but also send, receive and create assets.

Source: Cointelegraph




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