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Nifty Gateway To Build NFT Storefronts With “Publishers”

Nifty Gateway, the digital art online auction platform for the nonfungible token (NFT), has announced that it will build NFT storefronts with Publishers. With Publishers, Nifty Gateway “handles the complexity of creating an NFT storefront so that curators can focus on what they do best, identifying great art.”

It has been reported that Nifty Gateway’s suite of tools “gives curators everything they need to successfully operate NFT storefronts.”

These tools reportedly include:

· Accessible Buyer Experience — Users can purchase NFTs from a Nifty Gateway drop as easily as making a purchase on any other online retail marketplace. Flexible payment options and secure custody solutions streamline the user experience.

· No-Code NFT Minting — A seamless and low-cost NFT minting dashboard.

· Powerful Drop Types — Curators can build a compelling experience through a variety of unique drop types, including First-Come First-Served Releases, 1/1 Auctions, Open Editions, and more.

However, over time, Publishers will “expand beyond art curators to include many other groups who want to release NFTs, such as artists publishing their own works, brands releasing NFTs for loyalty or utility, and more.”

The report said that with Publishers, Nifty Gateway has “introduced a new way for people to earn a living in Web3 — by becoming curators.” A curator is someone who “partners with artists to release NFTs.’ Since inception, Nifty Gateway has “acted as a curator through Nifty Gateway Curated Drops and successfully curated drops with more than 400 artists who have been paid out over $500 million.”

Likewise, currently, the NFT space lacks tools “built specifically to empower curators.” Instead, existing NFT minting tools are largely designed for creators “to sell their NFTs directly to collectors. Nifty Gateway Publishers reimagines this dynamic.”

Duncan Cock Foster, the Co-founder of Nifty Gateway, said:

“Nifty Gateway artists consistently say that without our in-house curators they wouldn’t be able to achieve the same level of success. Curation should be limited only by vision and the ability to identify talented artists. In the same way that Shopify made e-commerce accessible for millions of people and created a new way to make money online, Nifty Gateway Publishers aims to do the same in NFTs and Web3. By opening up our platform to more curators, I believe that we will significantly increase the number of curators and artists who can earn a living by selling NFTs.”

Thus, Publishers will “provide a new generation of curators with access to Nifty Gateway’s powerful tools, allowing them to help artists achieve the results that Nifty Gateway has generated at scale.”



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