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Nvidia To Design, Publish, Operate, And Experience Metaverse Applications

Nvidia has announced its first software and infrastructure-as-a-service offering — Nvidia Omniverse Cloud — a suite of cloud services for artists, developers, and enterprise teams to design, publish, operate, and experience metaverse applications anywhere.

It has been reported that the technology uses the cloud to tap the heavy-duty power of data centers to enable Omniverse tools wherever the users happen to be. More than 700 companies and 200,000 people are using Omniverse now.

However, using Omniverse Cloud, individuals and teams can experience in one click the ability to design and collaborate on 3D workflows without the need for any local computing power. Omniverse Cloud will leverage Nvidia’s cloud gaming solution, GeForce Now, which has a global graphics delivery network.

Richard Kerris, the Vice President of the Omniverse at Nvidia, said:

“The next evolution of the internet called the metaverse will be extended with 3D. Now to understand what the impact of that is going to be the traditional internet that we know today connects websites described in HTML and viewed through a browser. The metaverse is going to be the evolution of that internet connecting virtual 3D worlds using USD, or universal scene description.”

He added:

“Think of it as the HTML of 3D that can be viewed to a real time virtual simulation engine. This means you’ll be able to interact with 3D objects, experience virtually things like that. It doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to be like Ready Player One, with the helmets and all. That’s simply a mechanism for experiencing things. It means that every device that you have today that interacts with the web will be able to interact with 3D, and that’s going to be game changing.”

The report said that roboticists can train, simulate, test and deploy AI-enabled intelligent machines with increased scalability and accessibility. Autonomous vehicle engineers can generate physically based sensor data and simulate traffic scenarios to test a variety of road and weather conditions for safe self-driving deployment.

Thus, Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, said:

“The metaverse, the 3D internet, connects virtual 3D worlds described in USD and viewed through a simulation engine. With Omniverse in the cloud, we can connect teams worldwide to design, build, and operate virtual worlds and digital twins.”



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