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Ocean Protocol Successfully Collaborates With Mercedes Benz Parent Company Daimler AG

Ocean Protocol, the leading decentralized data exchange protocol, has successfully collaborated with Daimler AG, the manufacturer of the famous German luxury automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz by using blockchain technology to privately collect and package data for monetization.

It has been reported that the pilot will demonstrate Ocean Protocol’s recently launched “Compute-to-Data” protocol to protect the privacy of Daimler’s data while allowing the information to be analyzed and aggregated by third parties.

However, Ocean Protocol is hoping that the pilot will attract further partnerships with major global firms by describing the pilot as a scalable blueprint for deployment. The pilot project is an important step in showing that decentralized solutions can be deployed for enterprises by using the leading-edge capabilities of the Ocean Protocol technology stack.

Ocean Protocol collaborated with @Daimler Singapore on a #PoC that explored decentralized data orchestration, which leveraged all components of Ocean tech including access control, data discovery, decentralized storage access, & #ComputetoData. — Ocean Protocol (@oceanprotocol) July 7, 2020

The Senior Manager of IT Technology & Cross Functions at Daimler Singapore, Frank Schur, described the decentralized data marketplaces as “an interesting position” providing “an exciting opportunity for aggregation of data with a clear compensation approach.”

“We are honoured to deliver this pilot project for Daimler, a company with a clear vision of how blockchain technology can unlock data sharing and make operations more efficient. With this pilot, Daimler demonstrates its continued leadership in the automotive industry,” – Bruce Pon, Founder, Ocean Protocol

It has been analyzed that the pilot project comprises the first major initiative employing Ocean Protocol’s latest release, “Compute-to-Data.” Launched in May, Compute-to-Data seeks to allow entities to maintain the privacy of their data while allowing third-parties to perform specific computation jobs.

“We believe in the power of Blockchain to unlock the value of data in a decentralized way. On our journey towards a data-driven company, this collaboration with Ocean protocol enables us to build a secure enterprise B2B data marketplace to monetize and put data to work” Hartmut Muller, the Vice President of IT Technology & Cross Functions, Daimler AG

The Singapore based startup Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks data for AI. Ocean Protocol uses advanced blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and sold in a safe, secure and transparent manner.

The Ocean Commons Marketplace is an end-to-end solution that can be customized for enterprises from all industry verticals to maximize data sharing and data monetization. The project explored the decentralized data orchestration using the Ocean blockchain network, access control, data discovery, decentralized storage and Compute-to-Data.

Daimler AG, commonly known and referred to as Mercedes, is a German multinational automotive corporation, headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In other news, a few weeks ago, Daimler announced that Mercedes-Benz is teaming up with Nvidia to develop a next-generation computing platform for vehicles that will support everything from over-the-air software updates to automated driving.



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