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Orchid Labs Launches A VPN App In The Apple App Store

Orchid Labs, the US-based peer-to-peer bandwidth market company, has launched its VPN app in the Apple App Store for iOS users, as this move comes after the company witnessed a record-breaking demand for VPN services across the world.

On July 9, it has been reported that iOS users will now be able to use Orchid Network’s services amidst the current fight against government surveillance in places like Dubai, China, and Hong Kong.

However, one of the major features of Orchid’s VPN is that bandwidth providers are compensated with OXT, Orchid’s own digital token.

Dr Steven Waterhouse, the CEO of Orchid Labs, went into detail about the major motivations behind the expansion of Orchid VPN services across more platforms.

Exciting news today. Orchid launches on Apple iOS and introduces in app payments to purchase service. Team has been working hard to get to this important milestone. Thanks to them and our community and partners for all the support. @OrchidProtocol — Steven Waterhouse(7) (@deseventral) July 9, 2020

He added:

“Orchid’s mission is to enhance the global human right to internet privacy. Orchid has been available to the crypto industry for some time, so the launch of the app is really about bringing privacy to a wider audience. The app even allows for users to make in-app purchases of the crypto-backed credits needed to access the network, so it’s no longer required for users to bring their own OXT (although they still can).”

Likewise, Dr Waterhouse clarified that with their latest iOS release, users don’t have to buy OXT on an exchange in order to use Orchid. Instead, they can simply download the Orchid app in the Apple App Store and buy credits for in-app purchases.

<img width="1024" height="686" src="" alt="Orchid Labs Launches A VPN App In The Apple App Store" class="wp-image-19917 lazyload"/>

Good news for your privacy. @OrchidProtocol's decentralized, crypto-powered VPN is now available in the Apple App Store. Take back control of your Internet privacy today, by downloading the app. — Tyler Winklevoss (@tylerwinklevoss) July 9, 2020

He further added:

“Orchid users can now use Apple Pay to purchase the OXT-backed credits needed to access bandwidth. Having our own digital asset we can create incentives for our community to grow as well as solve technical hurdles like nanopayments.”

As per the report, the Orchid team said that they will be focused on bringing the app to more people around the world.

The team also concluded:

“We are growing our communities globally and have expanded our reach with listings on Coinbase, Gemini, OKEx, Bittrex, Kraken, CoinDCX, MXC and others.”

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Avasta



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