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OroPocket Introduces Auto-Invest Plan (AIP) with Tokenized GOLD & SILVER

With one tap liquidation via UPI and minimum investment as low as INR 100 per day, AIP allows investors to grow their portfolios by investing in digital GOLD and SILVER and earn passive income without losing control of their holdings.

OroPocket, a fintech solution that tokenizes real-world assets like gold, silver, and other precious metals into digital assets, announced the launch of its latest product offering, an all-new way of saving money - the Auto Invest Plan (AIP). AIP, available both on the web and as a mobile application is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for precious metals like Gold and Silver to enable stable, secure, and growing investments for Indian investors, making investments in digital assets more accessible to the masses.

Auto-Invest Plan (AIP), is an investment strategy similar to SIP in which an investor can set an amount at pre-decided intervals (daily/weekly or monthly). What sets AIP apart is the unique factor wherein OroPocket allows investors to make investments in Digital GOLD & SILVER.

India has seen a blockchain and crypto boom in recent years and currently ranks second in terms of crypto adoption globally. With Indian investors expanding their portfolios onto the digital spectrum and the sector gaining traction, Auto-Invest by OroPocket is a highly suitable platform for those looking to test out the waters while simultaneously gaining returns on their investments. Historically, gold has been the safest mode of investment in times of inflation as its price doesn't move with market prices. Furthermore, investment in gold-based AIP carries a unique significance as unlike stocks and bonds, the return on gold is simply based on its price appreciation. In fact, Gold has an annualized return of 24% compared to the interest rates on Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits of 5.25% and 6.96% respectively.

Users would be able to invest as low as INR 100 per day along with one tap liquidation via UPI which ensures no lock-in periods. This attractive option comes at a time when many other safe investment options like fixed deposits and recurring deposits have a definite lock-in period of 3-5 years and have minimum balance requirements that go as high as INR 1000. Furthermore, users can set up automatic payments i.e. auto mandate from their bank account, for easy and timely payments.

Tarusha Mittal, COO and Co-founder, OroPocket said:

“We are proud to roll-out the new Auto-Invest feature on our platform as it is a step closer to achieving our goal of increasing financial freedom for our users vis-a-vis their own funds and encouraging their wealth augmentation. Through Auto-Invest Plan, our users would be able to invest easily without the stress of lock-in periods and would also be able to track their return on investments through the AIP calculator. The aim of AIP is to allow users to earn higher and more liquid returns on their investments as well as make our users understand the digital assets investment space well to steadily grow their investments. As OroPocket offers various financial services, AIP seems the next step towards achieving our objective of becoming the one-stop investment solution provider in the digital assets space.”

Another striking feature of this platform is that users can compare their return on investment (ROI) achieved from Auto-Invest directly with other investment instruments through the mobile application itself by using the AIP calculator feature on it. Thus, they can make the right decision with a reliable plan of their choice and the security of blockchain.

Mohit Madan, CEO and Co-founder, OroPocket said:

“We are very excited for our Auto-Invest platform as it provides an easy, inclusive, and transparent investing option to our users and potential investors. The way Indians have started moving towards expanding their portfolios to include digital assets has been highly encouraging for us. OroPocket aims to drive financial inclusion and freedom among our users and all the services and platforms provided in our ecosystem are directed towards that one goal. With the Auto-Invest launch, we are steadily moving towards achieving that goal and hopefully, making OroPocket the go-to platform for investors, both new and existing, for their investing needs in the digital asset market.”

To begin with AIP, anyone can sign up on the OroPocket mobile app. Those signing up for the first time will receive an introductory 1mg of GOLD and 1g of SILVER for FREE.

To register your AIP account, visit -


About OroPocket

OroPocket is an asset-backed banking solution that enables users to invest in Digital Gold and Silver - as a safe hedge against inflation and at the same time utilize these investments for day-to-day transactions via UPI and asset-backed cards.

The aim of OroPocket is to enable people with any amount of capital to have financial freedom and owned funds. The platform enables users to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional assets by investing in multiple digital assets and using them as real money, in real-time.

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