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Overlord Partners With Revolving Games To Create Game Featuring Its Creepz NFT Collection

Overlord, the Web3 gaming ecosystem, has partnered with Revolving Games to work together to create a game featuring characters from Overlord’s Creepz nonfungible token (NFT) collection, a PFP project launched in January 2022.

It has been reported that the upcoming game will be a story-driven experience that plays out on multiple planets across many different universes. There will be several different alien civilizations to play with each with its own unique storyline.

Don Smith, the co-founder of Overlord, stated:

“Each species has its own motivations and skills and, due to their unique abundance of resources and technological advancements, have different styles of conquering their enemies.”

However, the Overlord team will prioritize user experience over dogmatic usage of the blockchain. Smith laid out expectations that they would focus on fun gameplay first, and once they have achieved mass adoption, pivot to building out the game’s economy.

The report said that the extent of how NFT technology will factor into the actual gameplay is unknown at this point. Smith mentioned that the team hopes that the blockchain part of the game will seem invisible to users, so players probably will not need to approve multiple transactions, custody private keys, or deal with any other pain points common to interacting with crypto.

Likewise, Revolving Games boasts an impressive team led by Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser. The San Francisco-based gaming studio will provide the “tools and tech” to Overlord. By doing so, Revolving Games help Overlord to transform from just the company behind the Creepz NFT collection into being a Web3 gaming powerhouse.

Thus, many experts are pointing to gaming as the key to onboarding the masses to Web3. By partnering with Revolving Games, Overlord is taking a significant step in establishing itself as a major player in the growing industry of blockchain gaming.

Source: NFT Evening




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