banner.jpg To Showcase Artists Working With NFTs And Beyond has been inaugurated to showcase artists working with non-fungible tokens (NFT) and beyond.

It has been reported that the company OVR decided to introduce a museum in its blockchain-based virtual world, allowing the top artists in the field to exhibit their NFTs.

However, started yesterday (April 26), users can download the OVR app that is available on both Android and iOS and can visit this section of the virtual world dedicated to art.

The report said that among the artists exhibiting their NFTs for the opening of OVR’s gallery is Italian artist Giovanni Motta, born in 1971, who has just opened his solo exhibition in Shanghai, selling out before the opening.

OVR Launches Futuristic Virtual Gallery for NFTs and More — Bitcoin News (@BTCTN) April 26, 2021

Motta will have a dedicated gallery on OVR, as he is also one of the Italian NFT artists who have climbed the SuperRare rankings and reached the top. The subject of his works is Jonny Boy. During the inauguration, the artist will be present in the gallery in the form of an avatar to answer questions from the public.

Thus, the OVR galleries will also host an exhibition by Marco Biscardi, whose art brings together elements of contemporary criticism, and Rok Bogataj, an artist who creates works that link every day and the mythical using materials such as plastic, metal, and wood.

Source: Bitcoin News | Image: Don’t Buy Meme | Vanschneider | Nifty Crypto Nomad


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