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Paris Saint-Germain Launches Fan Token

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the French top-tier soccer team, has launched fan token, which is now available for sale on the blockchain platform Socios.

French Pro Soccer Team Paris Saint-Germain Launches Fan Token Crypto Timing — astrologychick (@astrologychick) January 29, 2020

On January 28, it has been reported that as one of the first uses of the $PSG Fan Token, holders will vote on an inspirational message to be printed on the armband of the captain Thiago Silva when the team takes the pitch.  

Les Fan Tokens du $PSG sont désormais en vente pour une durée limitée ! Ceux-ci vous permettent de voter à des sondages liés à votre club et de rivaliser pour vivre des expériences uniques. Découvrez le premier sondage en téléchargeant l'application ici: — Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_inside) January 28, 2020

However, according to a tandem announcement from Socios, the PSG fan token offering, or FTO, is now open on its website. Socios also offered an AR token hunt game for its native Chiliz $CHZ tokens which, once found, could subsequently be used to buy PSG’s fan token.

Fan tokens enable supporters of the team to vote in a number of binding and non-binding cosmetic decisions (choosing the club’s jersey color, stadium music, and logo) and certain sports aspects (MVP, Player of the Match or Month, friendlies matches, summer tours, charity line-ups, etc).

Likewise, PSG fans who take part in the polling process will receive rewards points. The more rewards point that a user holds, the more likely they are to win prizes like unique merchandise, VIP tickets, or an opportunity to meet players. 

As it has been reported, PSG initially partnered with Socios to work on its blockchain-based fan token in September 2018. Since then, a slew of other major soccer teams from around the world has taken steps to offer their own assets. 

It has been analyzed that just a few weeks after the announcement of Socios and PSG’s partnership, Juventus, the major league Italian soccer club, stated that it too was pursuing the development of a “Juventus Official Fan Token” with Socios.

However, this month, Juventus fans voted on a new goal celebration song by marking the first token-holder poll run on the platform. Blur’s Song 2 will now play every time Juventus scores a goal at home.

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