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People’s Bank of China to Hire Six Technology Experts for Helping Launch its Digital Currency

People’s Bank of China has recently put up a recruitment notice on its official site. According to the job post, the state bank is looking for six tech experts, who have a lot of experience with blockchain technology.

Most of the people hired are set to work on the Digital Currency Research Institute. Candidates who apply should know that they are expected to be experts in cryptography, computing, microelectronics and/or econometrics.

Likewise, the new employees would be responsible for developing software that would be used in the country’s new digital currency. They should also be able to do technical research and develop trading terminals, as well as study methods of payments and clearing.

Another crucial point is that the bank declared that people with experience in systematic framework design, big data platforms, blockchain development, and crypto research will be preferred.

However, China is not very open with the information, so the state-backed digital currency of the country is pretty mysterious so far. The People’s Bank of China is supposed to be working on it since 2014 and it has been said that it is ready to be launched this year, but the lack of official information makes it hard to know.

Thus, the project could certainly change the world and help China to improve its financial system, something important for a country that intends to become the largest economy of the world in the future.



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