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Pippen Enters Metaverse With Debut Sneaker NFTs In Collaboration With Orange Comet

Scottie Pippen, the basketball legend, has entered the metaverse with debut sneaker nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with Orange Comet.

It has been reported that the SP33 NFTs are dynamic limited-edition virtual wearable cross-platform sneakers. There are also physical Scottie Pippen sneakers as a utility feature. The Scottie Pippen SP33 NFT collection combines moments from the legendary basketball player’s stellar career with the ingenuity and innovation of Orange Comet.

However, the collection will cover his early years to the historic Chicago Bulls career runs. Orange Comet’s prolific design team creates a unique web3 world around these moments. The digital and physical wearables are classified into three unique classifications:

· Modern Day

· Futurist

· Transcendent

The report said that the Scottie Pippen NFT collection is the first in a series of upcoming Orange Comet Cørrupted Wear Collections. Minted on Ethereum (ERC-721), the collection is a merge between fashion, culture, and technology. Every NFT sneaker will feature Orange Comet’s signature 3D animations. The 1000 piece collection will also be interoperable between Metaverses, making this collection a unique, future proof NFT.

In addition to this, there is also a phygital (physical + digital) benefit to lucky collectors In honor of the jersey number that Scottie Pippen wore through the entirety of his Chicago Bulls career, 33 lucky winners also stand a chance to win physical Scottie Pippen shoes. 33 is the number that quite literally defines Scottie Pippen and his Basketball career.

33 NFT holders will be chosen at random to receive their pair of shoes. The 33 pairs serve as a possible prototype for future products, but as of the moment, current winners can hold on to a precious basketball collectible.

Each pair of sneakers also brings with it an OC Designer Mystery Box. This is an additional collectible as a work of art. The mystery box reveals a special item to long-term holders. Interested collectors may join the official Allowlist to get in early to this unique collectible project. 333 wallets in the allowlist will be randomly chosen to receive a future FREE special edition Pippen NFT basketball presented in a state-of-the-art glass case. This basketball is designed by the Orange Comet team, and gifted directly from Scottie Pippen.

Thus, Orange Comet is also home to other top-tier collections such as Interview With The Vampire, The Walking Dead, Lucha Libre, NFL, and more.

Source: NFT Evening




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