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Power Ledger Completes Blockchain Solar Energy Trading Trail In India

Power Ledger, the blockchain energy firm of Australia and Indian electricity distribution company, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) recently completed a peer-to-peer (P2P) solar trading trial.

On Nov. 14 Power Ledger announced that it will carry out a P2P energy trade trail in the Dwarka region of South West Delhi. It initially carried out 5-6 megawatts (MW) of already existing solar infrastructure while serving an array of gated communities.

Power Ledger has partnered with Indian electricity distributor BRPL to install large-scale P2P energy trading in Delhi. The initial trial comprised of 5-6MW of existing solar infrastructure, servicing gated communities in the Dwarka region. @bsesdelhi — Power Ledger (@PowerLedger_io) November 14, 2019

Solar Energy as Assets

The aim of the trial is to give participants access to cheaper, renewable energy while letting solar infrastructure owners monetize their surplus energy. Residents with a rooftop solar infrastructure can sell their excess solar energy to their neighboring households.   

Power Ledger stated:

“BRPL was able to access a cost-effective energy alternative during the times of peak demand pricing leading to increased efficiency and reliability of the power supply,”

BRPL CEO Amal Sinha commented on the trial results:

“With the exponential growth in our economy and production, the ability to generate clean energy and utilize it across India without the need for a fully centralized grid is critical. Realizing the importance of distributed generation, we have already built an extensive renewables infrastructure, and this trial with Power Ledger will help us fully utilize that energy.”

Solar power is a fast-growing source of energy in India, as the country has the lowest capital cost per MW to install solar power plants globally. As of September, the country’s solar capacity exceeded 31 gigawatts. 

Power Ledger’s Expansion

Recently, Power Ledger partnered with a local retailer to implement its technology in South Australia. The firm will be combining it’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the blockchain-based energy trading app to a commercial offering of Powerclub, an Australia based electricity wholesaler.  

Power Ledger, and Japan’s KEPCO a utility company successfully completed a joint trial of a blockchain-based system for post-FIT (feed-in tariff) surplus power in Osaka.

In early October, Power Ledger announced that it will run another blockchain-enabled trading trial in Japan’s Kanto Region. It teamed up with companies such as Japanese solar provider Sharing Energy and electricity retailer eRex.


Source: Power Ledger | Image: Amlan Mathur/ BigStock Photo


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