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Power Ledger Partners With Tata Power DDL And India Smart Grid Forum On The First LIVE Solar Energy

Power Ledger, the Australian tech firm, has partnered with India’s largest integrated power company Tata Power DDL (TPDDL), and India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) on the first LIVE solar energy trading project in Delhi, India.

It has been reported that the project will bolster India’s rapid adoption of renewable energy, as the landmark project involving Tata Power-DDL, a joint venture between Tata Power India’s largest integrated power company, and the Government of NCT of Delhi uses Power Ledger’s blockchain-enabled technology to facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of electricity from over 2 MW of solar PV between multiple consumers in its license area of North Delhi – part of the capital city of India.

However, under the project, an end total of about 150 sites that include TPDDL’s locations as well as their actual customers with solar generation will be using the platform to sell their excess energy to other residential and commercial sites in a dynamic pricing environment, with benefit from P2P energy trades.

The report said that consumers can choose which seller to buy electricity from, with Power Ledger’s blockchain audit trail of energy transactions providing near-time settlement and complete transparency throughout the entire process. The project enables the development of an integrated ecosystem of grid-connected, distributed energy resources including EV Charging Stations and Battery Energy Storage Systems that can directly participate in the P2P Marketplace.

Dr Jemma Green, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Power Ledger, said:

“India is on a fast-track to a greener power mix with aggressive renewable energy targets that include 100GW of solar energy, of which 40GW is to come from rooftop solar.”

She added:

“Power Ledger’s partnership with ISGF and a major energy provider like Tata Power-DDL is a major milestone in advancing these ambitious targets and introducing the concept of energy trading to the world’s second-biggest city.”

Likewise, the comprehensive P2P trading trial that will continue until June 2021 will test out several trading algorithms, including dynamic trading, which creates an energy auction pool for prosumers and consumers. The trial will also include a comprehensive report and provide recommendations to the regulator to consider a bespoke provision and trading rules to promote P2P trading of electricity and accelerate the growth of rooftop solar in the state.

We've partnered with India's largest integrated power company @tatapower_ddl and @IndiaSmartGridF on the first live solar energy trading project in Delhi. This is an important milestone in India’s rapid adoption of renewable energy. — Power Ledger (@PowerLedger_io) March 3, 2021

Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, the CEO of Tata Power-DDL, said:

“Tata Power-DDL is focused towards building a ‘Utility of the Future’ and transforming the power distribution space through innovative green technologies, collaborations and initiatives. It is always looking at how it can increase the services it can offer to its consumers. Today, with growing rooftop solar power being available, we believe that peer-to-peer solar power trading can offer customers the flexibility to buy green power from those who have solar power in excess of their own consumption. We are happy to join hands with Power Ledger and ISGF for this first of its kind P2P pilot in the capital city. I believe it will not only pave the way for a faster adoption of solar energy trading but will also empower our consumers to become prosumers.”

Thus, Mr. Reji Kumar Pillai, the President of India Smart Grid Forum, said:

“India is about to delicense power distribution business and make open access to retail customers enabling them to buy electricity from anybody from anywhere. In that scenario, blockchain platform for P2P trading of electricity will be a perfect game changer for the clean energy revolution in the country. We have already done another successful pilot project in Uttar Pradesh. The results of these two projects should instill confidence in the regulators to draw appropriate regulations for scaling up of P2P trading of electricity in India.”

Source: Power Ledger


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