Power Ledger Strikes Deal For Blockchain Electricity In South Australia

Power Ledger, the Australian blockchain energy firm has partnered with a local retailer to implement its technology in South Australia.

On Nov. 7, Power Ledger announced that it will be combining it’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the blockchain-based energy trading app to a commercial offering of Powerclub, an Australia based electricity wholesaler.  

Power Ledger has signed a large-scale commercial deal with Australian electricity wholesaler Powerclub to allow households to pool net solar and battery storage to act as a Virtual Power Plant. @PowerclubAus — Power Ledger (@PowerLedger_io) November 6, 2019

Deal With Australian Electricity Wholesaler Powerclub

Australians can now store their excess solar and battery storage to a Virtual Power Plant with Power Ledger’s blockchain-based software for better control and management of their energy.

The partnership will ensure that users can now access to wholesale prices of electricity with deducted annual energy costs.

The members of Powerclub can utilize energy trading by pooling their net solar and battery storage to act as a VPP, a cloud-based distributed power plant that is designed to enhance power generation and provide energy trading.

In such scenarios, users will be able to sell their excess solar powers during the period of higher electricity demand or in price hikes of electricity.

Power Ledger Aims To Democratize Energy Industry

The technology will enable the users in the better handling of energy management while avoiding additional hidden costs by electricity retailers.

Former Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull stopped by Austrade in the US to hear about Power Ledger's plan to democratize the energy market. We were recognized for our vision, market relevance, scalability and potential for rapid growth. @TurnbullMalcolm @AustradeUSA — Power Ledger (@PowerLedger_io) November 8, 2019

Jemma Green, co-founder, and chairman at Power Ledger, noted that the future of the electricity industry will be decentralized and democratized, “You no longer need to be a massive electricity company to commoditize energy,” Green stated.

Recently Power Ledger partnered with Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) to run a P2P energy trading trial in Malaysia.

On Sept 24. cryptonewspoint reported that Power Ledger and Japan’s KEPCO a utility company successfully completed a joint trial of a blockchain-based system for post-FIT (feed-in tariff) surplus power in Osaka. The firm will run another blockchain-enabled trading trial in Japan’s Kanto Region.

Power Ledger is currently running trials in Japan, Thailand, the US, and Australia.


Source: Power Ledger


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