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Project XENO's Free Raffle Ticket Giveaway for Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale

The authentic strategy blockchain game, PROJECT XENO, will host an NFT sale in collaboration with the most popular YouTuber with over 4.86 million followers (as of October 24), Hikaru, from November 23, 2022, to November 30, 2022.

Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale Website:

Here is a walk-through for those who are new to this NFT sale:

In honor of the Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale, the team will run a campaign giving away a ‘Free Raffle Ticket’ that can be redeemed for a free NFT.

Free Raffle Tickets Distribution Distributed as one of the GXE Partner benefits Distribute to participants of the Free Raffle Ticket campaign held via Twitter Distribute to participants in the 1st NFT Auction (whitelist) In the future, the team plans to add more opportunities. Details regarding the distribution date and participation procedures will be announced on PROJECT XENO’s official website and Twitter account.

How does the Free Raffle Ticket campaign work? During this campaign, raffle tickets will be distributed for a free drawing to be held in conjunction with the Hikaru Collaboration NFT sale, beginning on November 23. The free raffle ticket consists of a BEP20 token, which will be distributed. To receive BEP20 tokens, winners must have a wallet.

Official Website

Official Twitter(EN)

Official Telegram

Official Discord

Company Name: CROOZ, Inc.

Head Office: Ebisu SS building 1F, 4-3-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Established: May 24th, 2001

Capital: 460.16 million yen(as of the end of March in 2022)



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