Propy, a real estate blockchain now in Japan

Propy, “a blockchain-based real estate platform” announced a partnership with Japan’s biggest escrow service provider, Escrow Agent Japan (EAJ). Real estate transactions will now be recorded on the blockchain platform with Japan’s Legal Affairs Bureau.

Propy assures “24-hour, 365 days closing”. This signifies that lengthy requirements for registration time will be now be shortened.

Propy provides services in many parts of the world like the United States, Ukraine, Spain, Bulgaria. The deal between Propy and EAJ is the first step towards expanding Propy’s real estate service delivery in Asia.

Propy’s CEO Natalia has high hopes in the real estate market of Japan with distributed ledger technology.

This year in April, we introduced our technology to the Japanese market for the first time by successfully completing two blockchain-based real estate deals which validated the flexibility of the platform for its future global expansion. By partnering with Escrow Agent Japan Co., we expect to get scaling in Japan. While we’ve been focusing on the US market, the Japanese market, being historically innovative, is a natural choice for the first step in global expansion. Natalia Karayaneva, CEO at Propy

Presenting in Tokyo – how Propy made the history with the first real estate transfer on blockchain in the world in 2017, then in the US and EU in 2018 and finally this year in Japan! Japanese business partners are fantastic, so hospitable. #IREC #Japan — Natalia Karayaneva (@NataliePropy) September 3, 2019

Propy provides various service deliveries such as listings of real estate properties, cryptocurrencies support, smart contracts to manage property deeds and payments and various other legal processes.


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