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ProtonMail: “It’s Been HODLing Its Bitcoin Payments For Years”

ProtonMail, a Swiss-based email service, has revealed that it has not cashed in any of the Bitcoin (BTC) it has accepted as payment for its premium service in years.

No worries, we will HODL for you (we actually don't sell our BTC and haven't for years). — ProtonMail (@ProtonMail) November 16, 2019

The tweet was in response to a customer who complained that he felt guilty for spending Bitcoin in a ProtonMail invoice instead of holding or “hodling” it for the long-term.

However, the exchange came about following a tweet from the CCO of digital gift card retailer BitRefill, urging Bitcoiners:

“Please do not ‘put your Bitcoin to work.”

This prompted one follower to reply that they had “paid my ProtonMail invoice with BTC I’m feeling secure and HODL guilty all at once.”

ProtonMail doesn’t want to convert its Bitcoin payments to fiat and hasn’t for years…Read more: — webnow (@webnowcompany) November 17, 2019

Likewise, in an attempt to calm the customer’s HODL guilt, ProtonMail responded that it would hold the Bitcoin on the customer’s behalf, noting that it actually does not sell the BTC and “haven’t for years.”

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While the option to pay for a premium ProtonMail account in BTC is not obvious for new account holders, it is possible for existing email customers, even those using the free option who wishes to upgrade.

Thus, ProtonMail also accepts Bitcoin donations and has far seen over 200 BTC or almost $2 million at current prices. The service also considered launching an ICO back in July 2018, thought that these plans were seemingly shelved.




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