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Prysmatic Labs Introduces New Onyx Ethereum 2.0 Testnet

Blockchain firm Prysmatic Labs announced the launch of a new test network, Onyx Testnet for Ethereum 2.0 blockchain.

On June 10 Prysmatic Labs announced that it is launching the Onyx Ethereum 2.0 testnetThe new test network represents an improvement over the previous Topaz testnet.

Introducing our next test network release: 💎The Onyx Testnet💎 ✔️32 ETH deposits ✔️Full mainnet configuration ✔️Latest ETH2 phase 0 spec v0.12.1 ✔️Multiclient ready ✔️80+ contributors Send your test deposits now! 📨 Genesis in a few days ⏰ — Prysmatic Labs (@prylabs) June 9, 2020

Onyx testnet is the last update before the launch of the first Ethereum 2.0 mainnet. Moreover, the network will support multiple client software distributions.

Onyx improves network message handling and complies with the latest Ethereum 2.0 specifications.

Prysmatic Labs will soon turn off its Topaz validator nodes and start sending deposits to initiate staking on the Onyx network.

Ethereum staking is an upcoming Ethereum 2.0 feature that would allow Ether (ETH) holders to run nodes that confirm new blocks on the network in exchange for rewards.

Running such nodes requires users to hold a certain minimum amount of coins. However, if the node tries to misbehave, their holdings are slashed.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash



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