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R3 Corda Partners With Blockchain-In-The-Cloud Startup Kaleido

R3, the company behind DLT platform Corda has partnered with blockchain-in-the-cloud startup Kaleido.

The announcement comes following Kaleido’s emergence as a standalone company last month. The startup revealed it was spun out of ConsenSys, the Ethereum-based venture studio founded by Joe Lubin.

@Kaleido_io partners with @inside_r3 #corda. The partnership allows Corda Enterprise users to rapidly deploy enterprise-grade and production-ready Corda networks on Kaleido. Read the full Press Release: — Kaleido Blockchain (@Kaleido_io) May 12, 2020

Sophia Lopez, Kaleido’s chief operating officer said:

“We spun out April 1. It’s been exciting for us to take that step forward. In addition to the partnership with R3 and going live with Corda available on the Kaleido platform this afternoon, we have launched the new V2 of our platform and website.”

ConsenSys cut about 90 employees last month. A company spokesperson confirmed that Kaleido had been spun out.

Kaleido provides so-called “consortium-as-a-service,” deploying blockchain networks via multiple cloud and hybrid platforms, and is working with the likes of Microsoft Azure and AWS.

R3’s Corda software and “CorDapps” will now run on Kaleido’s digital platform as part of the partnership.

R3’s co-founder Todd McDonald said:

“Now is the time for consortia to develop stronger business models and position themselves successfully for the long term..The new offering we are announcing today will support business ecosystems moving into production faster than ever before, to reap the benefits of more efficient cost structures and faster time to value.”

Kaleido’s founder Steve Cerveny added:

“Enterprises are looking for ways to unlock trapped value and transform risk into opportunity in their B2B networks..Kaleido and R3 are solving these challenges by enabling customers to use the Kaleido consortium-as-a-service offering powered by R3’s leading enterprise blockchain technology, resulting in business networks moving from zero to one in record time.”

Source: CoinDesk | Image: Unsplash

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