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RBB Lab Uses NFT Technology To Issue Court Summonses Alberto De Luigi

RBB Lab, a technology development firm based in the Republic of San Marino, has used nonfungible token (NFT) technology to issue court summonses for the case against Alberto De Luigi, Andreas Kohl, both former collaborators of the firm, and their company Sequentia AG incorporated in Liechtenstein.

It has been reported that this will be the first time NFTs will be used to issue court documents in Italy. This technology offers several advantages over traditional means. It can be cheaper and faster, and also allows courts to subpoena anonymous suspects with only a wallet address.

However, in this case, the summonses will be served both traditionally and also by an NFT sent to wallets owned by the defendants. The summonses are in regards to case #37371/2022 in the Tribunale Ordinario di Milano.

The report said that Quattordicesima, Tribunale Delle Imprese Specializzata Impresa “A” Civile. RBB Lab is working with the law firm Annetta Rossi e Associati based in Florence to develop a set of tools for the legal sector using technologies like blockchain and machine learning. This is the first example of the suite’s capabilities.

Enrico Rubboli, the CEO of RBB Lab, said:

“As a technology company we want to push barriers in everything we do. This is an example where technology can facilitate and also improve a system that has been slow to adapt. Our goal is to find opportunities to improve our lives using technology. Unfortunately, the legal system has many examples of inefficiency where a lot can be done.”

Thus, Enrico Rubboli is the CEO of RRB Lab and Founder of Mintlayer. He has 17 years of experience in Software Development. His resume includes stints with Bitfinex/Tether, Digital Science / Macmillan Science and Education in London, TUI Group in Italy and ELC Technology in the United States.

Source: Bitcoin News



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