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Redditor Introduces New Bitcoin Video Game As A Holiday Gift To Crypto Community

A Redditor has introduced a new Bitcoin (BTC) video game as a holiday gift to the crypto community.

CoinTelegraph: Redditor Creates BTC-Themed Game as Holiday Gift for Crypto Community — StuartSimon (@StuartSimon) December 26, 2019

On December 24, it has been reported on Reddit that the new “Satoshi vs. the Shills” Bitcoin game is a survival shooter game featuring Satoshi Nakamoto as the main character.

However, the arcade game is available on the Google Play store for Android. Big Hands, the developer of the game, has not yet specified whether its team is planning to roll out the game on iOS or other platforms as of press time.

It has been analyzed that with the game letting players assume the role of Nakamoto, they will have to stand against crowds of shills, people referred to by the crypto community as those who promote cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

On their way to approach the player, these enemies shout out typical shill messages like “Check my grandma’s ICO,” “Yeah, but I know of a better coin,” or “Bitcoin is dead, bro.”

According to a description available on Google Play, the player’s mission is to shoot the shillers and stop them from taking over the world.

It has also been analyzed that gaming is one of several sectors highly affected by growing cryptocurrency adoption. Advanced Micro Devices, an IT firm from United States, joined the Blockchain Game Alliance to help advance the technology’s use in the industry on December 12.

Thus, according to a recent expert opinion, gaming is purportedly the key to mass adoption of crypto, gamers are allegedly more tech savvy and open to new ideas than the average internet user.

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