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Redditor Locks Away $100 Worth Of Bitcoin In Public Library In Europe

Reports said that a Redditor, whose name is Optimal-Dentistador (henceforth, OD), has locked away $100 worth of Bitcoin in a public library “somewhere in Europe” until 2022.

It has been reported in a post made to the Bitcoin subreddit that OD wrote a letter and also put the private keys for $100 worth in BTC. They disclosed that they “put 0.003 BTC on a new address, put the private and public key together with the letter in the envelope, and here we are.”

However, the life-long experiment was inspired by recent events put on by the public library in OD’s city–which will remain secret at OD’s request.

They said:

“There was an event where you could write something like a letter, poetry or a diary which will be stored for 100 years. If you write some personal info on the envelope, they will try to find some living relatives to give them.”

The report said that OD decided to put “something special” in the time capsule, namely the public and private key details to 0.003 BTC, around $100 at today’s rate.

They added:

“I will tell my family about this. Eventually forget this whole thing, who knows what will happen in the next decades.”

Likewise, the Reddit community was quick to note that while 0.003 BTC may be a trifling sum in 2022, it could be considered a market-moving amount in one hundred years. OD was quick to joke that in today’s world, it’s a bit like finding the “Bitfinex hack amount of money” in a letter.

The Department of Justice recently seized $3.6B as part of the debacle associated with crypto exchange Bitfinex. Given that the letter will not be opened until 2022, one Redditor, “fontinuos” commented that it’s “sad to think every single of us will be dead and won´t see the outcome.” OD agrees that while it’s a fun experiment, ultimately the outcome is “a grim feeling.”

Still, the meme value is strong, and OD’s offspring may enjoy riches.

Thus, OD concluded:

“See you in 2122, the ultimate diamond hands :)”

Source: Cointelegraph




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