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Rihanna And Deputy Team Up With NFT Royalty Platform

Rihanna, the global R&B/Pop superstar and superproducer Deputy teamed up with nonfungible token (NFT) royalty platform anotherblock to offer their hit single as an NFT with royalty revenue shares.

It has been reported that the triple-platinum record “B**ch Better Have My Money” is the next big drop on the platform. Read on to learn how NFTs and music royalty share drops are changing how people enjoy their music experiences.

However, on February 9, three days preceding her Super Bowl Halftime Show Rihanna & producer Deputy dropped their hit single “B**ch Better Have My Money” as a digital collectible.

The report said that 300 NFTs going for $210 a piece allows holders access to 0.0033 % of the Rihanna song’s streaming royalties. The triple-platinum song is taking center stage to deliver Rihanna (and music) fans more value than streaming.

Deputy stated:

“As a fan, you get a certain attachment to an artist or a song. When you get an opportunity to own a part of a song, it’s a game changer. It creates a whole different realm of being connected, outside of streaming or concerts. anotherblock creates another platform for fans to engage in and be a part of my career.”

Likewise, the song was a top 10 single in eight different countries when it was released in 2015, and now was dubbed one of the most essential songs of the 2010s by Pitchfork. Moreover, the track now has over a billion streams across platforms.

It is also going strong as a classic track of modern times. It is also a promising record that will play on for years to come. Deputy conceptualized the song inspired by popular trap music sounds of the time. But what sets it apart is the way the beat branches out into different emotions.

Thus, Deputy stated:

“I used polarizing sounds and beats, raw emotions. It was aggressive, something you never heard before. It’s something different when you have a record with one of the biggest pop acts and a crazy video. It went off and it confirmed my position as a producer.”

Source: NFT Evening




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