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Royce 5’9″ Collaborates With Passage For Debut Of His Latest Project “The Heaven Experience”

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Royce 5'9″, the rapper with platinum-selling albums, has revealed a collaboration with Passage, a blockchain-based virtual world builder, for the debut of his latest project, The Heaven Experience.

It has been reported that the project features a virtual world where fans can connect with Royce and his team. It also offers access exclusive content such as songs, performances, interviews, events, apparel, and more. The pass to enter The Heaven Experience will be available for purchase on April 4. Coincidentally, the release of the virtual world lines up with the release of Royce’s EP, The Heaven Experience: Lost Sessions, on March 31.

However, his ultimate goal is to establish an authentic relationship with his fans, fellow artists, and the community through immersive experiences. The Heaven Experience project serves as a demonstration of this vision. As so, this project aligns with Royce’s commitment to community and empowerment, which is highlighted by his recent successful nonfungible token (NFT) offering.

The report said that the NFT granted fans a portion of streaming royalties from his critically acclaimed song, “Caterpillar,” featuring Eminem and King Green. The holders of the Heaven Experience pass will be granted exclusive access to Royce and his team, allowing them to directly engage with the community and other artists in real time.

The virtual world will provide a unique and immersive space for fans to connect with Royce and the Heaven Studios family.

Lex Avellino, the founder and CMO of Passage, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Royce 5’9″ and his team. According to him, the team has developed Passage specifically for artists like Royce. Artists that have a compelling story to share and a sincere desire for an authentic connection with their audience. Passage allows creators to establish direct engagement with their supporters.

Likewise, this is achieved through immersive and customized 3D virtual settings, thereby creating deeper relationships that are impossible to achieve on conventional social media platforms.

The Heaven Experience project provides fans with an exclusive chance to engage with Royce via blockchain technology. Additionally, this project echoes Royce’s dedication to community and empowerment, which is evident from his successful NFT offering.

Thus, on April 4, fans can buy the Heaven Experience Pass. It follows the release of his EP, The Heaven Experience: Lost Sessions, on March 31. This initiative underscores the potential of blockchain technology to reshape the entertainment industry. It also allows creators to intensify the relationship between artists and their supporters.

Source: NFT Evening




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