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RTFKT Partners With Ledger To Create Safe And Secure Solution For High-End Digital Collectibles

RTFKT, the luxury brand, has partnered with Web3 security leader Ledger to create a safe and secure solution for their high-end digital collectibles.

It has been reported that they announced their partnership at NFT Paris, revealing the RTFKT x Ledger collection and educational programming to promote secure self-custody. RTFKT is a luxury fashion and collectibles brand that creates high-end phygital products and digital items. They are known for their innovative and creative designs, which are often inspired by gaming and pop culture.

However, RTFKT also creates NFTs and has collaborated with several high-profile brands and artists in the NFT space. RTFKT is a leader in fashion and digital on-chain artifacts, whereas Ledger is a popular hardware wallet for storing and managing cryptocurrencies.

The report said that with Ledger NFT, users can store and manage their NFTs directly on their Ledger device. This provides an extra layer of security for their valuable digital assets. Basically, Ledger is the partner who will provide the security information to RTFKT’s growing audience.

Likewise, Ledger and RTFKT are emphasizing the importance of knowledge when entering the Web3 space. Already, Ledger offers an enjoyable educational experience through their programs like Ledger Quest, which allows the opportunity to earn crypto while learning.

Ledger and luxury brand RTFKT have announced a partnership that includes a series of education programs and collaborative drops. The announcement was made during NFT Paris, dubbing RTFKT a flagship partner and revealing the RTFKT x Ledger collection. During the announcement, Ledger brought RTFKT founder Benoit Pagotto to the stage to detail the partnership, thus marking the beginning of their exciting journey together.

Moreover, RTFKT has a large number of dedicated collectors, therefore safety and security is a top priority. By joining with Ledger, they are setting a benchmark for innovation without compromise. RTFKT is doubling down on education to ensure everyone can safely secure their NFTs and other valuable digital assets. Their partnership will include physical products, digital assets, and education. Significantly, their goal is to create an elevated and holistic approach to safety.

RTFKT will bring new and exciting items to the Ledger Market, making the platform the go-to place for high-end phygital collectibles and NFTs. Every RTFKT Collection item sold on Ledger Market comes with RTFKT’s creative approach to education, explaining how to create a cold wallet and use it to safely. To clarify, collectors can expect to enrich their experience and ultimately protect their assets.

Thus, Ledger and RTFKT are bringing collectors a special all white custom edition of the Ledger Nano S Plus and I’m Nano X. Both will be available to buy as an NFT and redeemable for the physical item. Future collaborations will also include RTFKT Quests, which aim to bring education to the masses. This partnership really is a perfect blend of art, fashion, and technology.

Source: NFT Evening




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