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Russian Authorities To Cash Out Digital Assets From Prosecutors

Reports said that Russian authorities are finding it hard to cash out digital assets they have gotten hold of, prosecutors have warned. They have also urged the government to recognize cryptocurrency as property, allow departments to have digital wallets and use crypto exchanges.

It has been reported that Russian prosecutors are convinced that investigative authorities, among other government bodies, should be allowed to set up crypto wallets and be able to store and convert confiscated digital coins to fiat money.

However, the Prosecutor General’s Office has consistently advocated for recognizing digital assets as property that can be seized, if acquired criminally, Prosecutor Madina Dolgieva from the Office’s Main Judicial Department told participants in a round table discussion on e-justice.

The report said that during the meeting, organized by the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building at the Federation Council, the upper house of parliament, Dolgieva remarked that courts are still making conflicting decisions, while some recognize crypto as property, others don’t.

Likewise, confiscating a physical wallet with virtual assets, for example, is only half the job as the crypto still needs to be cashed out, Madina Dolgieva elaborated. And that’s where the problems begin, she emphasized, as domestic exchanges are yet to be licensed while the prosecutor’s office cannot use foreign platforms.

The prosecutor considers it necessary to allow investigating authorities to open their own wallets and convert the cryptocurrency, the circulation of which has markedly increased in the Russian Federation after the government introduced restrictions on fiat transfers abroad in February of this year.

Thus, the suggestion comes despite the Central Bank of Russia being opposed to legalizing crypto transactions in the country. The monetary authority supported the draft law filed with the Duma under the condition that even mining rewards will be exchanged outside the country or exclusively under special ‘experimental legal regimes’ inside Russia.



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