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Samart Partners with IBM on Cybersecurity Solutions

Samart Corporation’s cybersecurity provider has partnered with the world’s IT giant, IBM, to launch Artificial-Intelligence-backed cybersecurity service to use local, private and state agencies.

At the IBM Think Thailand 2019, held in Bangkok on August 28, 2019, the tech companies across the country gathered to analyze technologies that are changing the business landscape, from artificial intelligence (AI), cloud systems, and blockchain.

Among the speakers was Watchai Vilailuck, the President of Samart Corporation, who spoke about the company’s partnership with IBM to develop a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution.

Watchai disclosed that with businesses undergoing digital transformations and the greater use of big data, corporations are more exposed to cyber threats. To address this risk, Samart Corporation has been working with multinational tech giant IBM to introduce SECUREiNFO, a comprehensive cybersecurity solutions service.

It has also been reported that yesterday, Samart Corporation has officially debuted SECUREiNFO, its “total cybersecurity solution provider”, operating under its flagship ICT solutions provider Samart Telcoms.

The SECUREiNFO service portfolio offers managed security services, cybersecurity risk assessments and cybersecurity consulting, along with security education and training.

Watchai said :

“With SECUREiNFO, we are establishing a Cyber Security Operation Center or CSOC for the first time in Thailand.”

He added :

“I believe that this system will help us to greatly enhance the efficiency of cybersecurity services.”

Keeping Clients Safe with Artificial Intelligence


Watchai described that CSOC comprises three main parts: experienced professionals in the field, monitoring clients 24 hours a day; a standardized process that encompasses the four steps of identify-detect-respond-improve, in order to provide the highest levels of security to clients; and the technology called Watson, a cybersecurity AI developed by IBM which will analyze all relevant data to improve the way cyber threats are managed.

He stated :

“We expect to secure between 10 to 20 customers next year.”

So, in 2018, companies around the world spent over US$100 billion on cybersecurity systems. In Thailand alone, the industry is expected to be worth US$240 million, with experts projecting annual growth of 12%.


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