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Samsung adds Bitcoin support in Blockchain Keystore

Samsung has added Bitcoin support, BTC coins in its blockchain-enabled smartphone app Blockchain Keystore.

According to the updated Samsung developers website, the decentralized app store Keystore will add BTC, the largest cryptocurrency in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 range was launched in the month of March, with a blockchain Keystore. It allows for cryptocurrency storage, transactions for Ether (ETH), ERC-20 tokens. However, leaving out the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Selected devices and the listed jurisdictions

The feature is supported by the following devices: –

  1. Galaxy S10e

  2. S10

  3. S10+

  4. S10 5G

  5. Note10

  6. Note10+

Across the following regions:-

  1. Canada

  2. Germany

  3. South Korea

  4. Spain

  5. Switzerland

  6. United States

  7. United Kingdom

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This move is unquestionably going to attract correlations with what other tech organizations are doing in this part. Samsung has clearly been in an extended fight with Apple for well over 10 years for cell phone showcase matchless quality. A late participant to that field, Huawei, has demonstrated to be similarly imposing in market methodology. Coinewsasia Report.

Samsung joining blockchain technology

Android devices will be able to link the blockchain addresses to the Blockchain Keystore through the SDK. It will then allow checking Keystore status and cryptocurrency transactions.

As of now, Samsung has a total of 17 DApps in its Keystore. It is also building its own blockchain based on ethereum while thinking of releasing its own token.



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